Why an electric bike?

Find out 10 reasons
why it is good to have an electric bike.

One thing is certain: ebikes become very popular today and appear more and more often on our roads.
Why do we choose an electric bike? I will present my and Marek’s reasons why we’ve decided to have an electric bike. They will be based on our history. Let’s get started :

Reason No. 1:
Let's get less tired

Electric assistance relieves us. And that was the reason number 1 why Marek chose an electric bike:

„I just don’t like to get tired.” 😉

Reason No. 2:
We can get much further

For an out of shape cyclist, driving 20 km can be a challenge. I remember in 2015, when Marek and I went on a trip. Back then, we were still riding ordinary bikes, without electric assistance. We were supposed to drive about 30 km. For me, an amateur cyclist, it was easy, and for Marek it was a test of fitness. Well, we finally did 50 km and Marek was very tired😜.

Today, on an ebike, we even 100 km. Our butts hurts, but the condition is no problem.

Reason No. 3:
We're cycling faster

Driving up to 50 km/h (and more) is possible with an electric bike. However, we should remember about our own and others safety. And always wear a helmet, even at 15 km/h.

We always ride in a bicycle helmet
We always ride in a bicycle helmet

Reason No. 4:
Driving upwind is not a problem

The wind is a challenge - not for ebike
The wind is a challenge - not for ebike

„I’m not going today, it’s windy.”

While driving with the wind is great, going against the wind is a challenge. We turn on the electric assistance and we do not get tired.

Reason No. 5:
Electric bike
it's a cheap mean of transport

What is the cost of riding an electric bike?

  • (0,25$ for battery charging per 150 km).There is no more to say.

Reason No. 6:
We take care of our physical health

While riding a bike (even an electric bike), we strengthen:

  • calves
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • stomach
  • hands
  • neck
You need strength to ride a bike
You need strength to ride a bike

Also on an electric bike it is possible to get tired physically and we often decide how much we want it.

Reason No. 7:
We take care of our mental health

Electric bike and endorphins
Electric bike and endorphins

When cycling, endorphins are produced, which means well-being and contentment 😀

Reason No. 8:
Ebike for disable people
(heart defects, motor disability)

Electric Tricycles with MPe computer
Electric Tricycles with MPe computer

There are many people who, unfortunately, cannot afford to ride a bicycle physically. Heart disease does not allow you to exercise. Turning on the electric assistance can relieve us or we can also use a throttle.

Reason No. 9:
Anyone can build electric bike

„Building an ebike is so hard and complicated.”
„I don’t have a workshop or tools to build an electric bike.”

We know these statements. We thought the same when we wanted to build our first ebike ourselves.

„Where to start, what drive and bike to choose? Can my bike be converted into an electric one? “

And although we encountered many problems on the way in building an electric bike, we know today that it does not have to be that difficult. Today knowledge is common on the internet and you can find a lot of information. It is enough to want and reach for knowledge.

Lithium-ion battery pads
Lithium-ion battery pads

Often times, electric bikes are built in the center of the room. You don’t really need complicated tools.

Reason No. 10:
Ebike as a new hobby

Mark from the Bikel.pl company / eBIKE COURSE - lesson 8 - about HUB motor
Mark from the Bikel.pl company / eBIKE COURSE - lesson 8 - about HUB motor

The very fact of riding an electric bike can be a new life idea for us. We know it together with Marek and we spend every possible moment together, visiting and getting to know new places, as well as new people. 😊: Taba na rowerze). 

Electric bike -
definitely on


Electric bikes are our passion, spending time together and developing – our company Bikel.pl 😉.

We want to wish you such a passion.

Or maybe you have other arguments why an electric bike? Let me know in the comments.

Bikel.pl crew

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