Kelly KLS controller – configuration

How to configure the Kelly KLS controller

Configuration applies to all Kelly KLS series controllers, regardless of the size or voltage of the controller.

Basic parameters for configuration
Kelly KLS controller

In order for the controller to work, the following fields must be configured in the program: 2 tabs.

First run procedure
and pairing the motor with the controller

Changes in the Vehicle tab:
1. Set the operating voltage of the controller min. max .:
For the „Low Volt” field: enter: 3.0 V * number of sections in the battery and „Over Volt”: enter (4.2 V * number of sections in the battery) + 2.0 V
For example:

2. Pre-limit the driver currents to 30%: „Current Percent” and „Battry Limit”.
3. Set the throttle type to 2 (for a Hall sensor based throttle – most ebikes): „TPS Type”.
4. Set the „Identification Angle” parameter to 170 – this will force the Hall test to run after restarting the controller.

Changes in the Motor tab:
5. Set the parameter: „Motor Poles” – enter the number of magnets (not pairs).
6. Set the parameter: „Sensor type” – enter 2 for Hall sensors.

Halli test / pairing the controller with the motor:
7. Press the buttons: „Write”, „OK”, „Quit”.
8. Disconnect the USB cable.
9. Restart the bike / controller.
10. Wait for the Hall test to be performed, the wheel will spin very slowly, and finally the red LED will start flashing with the code 3,2 internal reset – it means it’s ok and the Halli test is over.
11. Restart the bike / controller.
12. Activate the throttle gently and check the direction of wheel rotation.
13. If necessary, connect to the program and change the direction of the wheel rotation / change the „checkbox” – „Change dir”. Press: „Write” button and restart the controller.
14. Carry out a road test.
15. Increase the „Current Percent” and „Battry Limit” currents („Vehicle” tab) as desired and needed.
16. If necessary, configure the remaining configuration parameters.

How to improve and enrich the action
of Kelly KLS controller?

The Kelly KLS controller in terms of its small dimensions and very good performance (continuous current 50 A, temporary 120 A) is really worth recommending. Unfortunately, it is very limited in its functionality as it only has the option of connecting a throttle. It offers nothing more. Therefore, to this controller, you can add the MPe on-board computer, which, in addition to adding the PAS support (torque sensor and pedaling sensor), will give us a number of other possibilities, including:

  • remaining distance on battery
  • possibility to protect against overheating, e.g. of the battery or the motor (with the drive cut-off function)
  • limiting the power of the throttle
  • pedaling assist power limit settings (full freedom – e.g. 250 W)
  • cruise control
  • and many others

We appreciate the addition of a pedaling torque sensor. Driving with this computer is very comfortable, safe and fun, and even improves your condition 🙂.

The entire MPe offer can be seen on the website about this device:

If you have questions, ask them in the comment at the bottom of the article.

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    1. Można dodać MPe i będzie nie tylko PAS, ale cała gama innych, dodatkowych funkcji, jak np. czujnik nacisku, szacowany dystans do przejechania na pozostałej baterii, odczyt temperatur, zabezpieczenie przed przegrzaniem, zarządzanie manetką, 5 trybów wspomagania, tempomat i inne ciekawe statystyki i parametry z jazdy

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