Exchangable battery for an eBIKE

With a exchangable battery, we can double the range of your e-bike. It is an interesting solution for people who:

  • cover long distances on an electric bike and one package is not enough for them to do a longer distance, e.g. 100 km
  • like dynamic driving, so the battery can often “disappear in the eyes” and “fun” ends so quickly
  • loops ride, e.g. on single tracks, and they can drive up to the car and exchange the package
  • they don’t mind riding with a spare battery in their backpack

For us, the above-mentioned points were a reason to add a new battery to Ania’s Cube AMS 125 pro bike. We have designed a new housing so that the package is quick and easy to replace (execution Mark from „Drukujemy e-rowery“). The previous solution (also from 3D printing) did not allow such a simple battery replacement. In this solution, we do not need any cable ties, wrenches or allen keys.

3D design for download

Here you can download the enclosure design for 3D printing – 13S3P package:

YouTube video

We invite you to watch the episode on our YouTube channel, how the housing on the bike looks and how the battery is exchanged in it (Polish language version)

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