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The MPe ebike computer has many of useful and practical functions. There are many of them, so we decided to categorize them and describe them in more detail. We invite you to the article and short videos 😎.

  • Not all motor controllers offer pedaling assistance function. The ones that have it are usually large and/or have a low power (up to 2500 W, e.g. the popular KT series controllers). The MPe will handle drivers up to 18000 W such as Sabvoton, Kelly Controller, and others. As standard, these more advanced and powerful conttrollers are not ment to be used with bicycles, so they do not have this function. Thanks MPe yes – they can have it.
  • Possibility to set 5 levels of assistance, which can be freely configured and individually adjusted. For example: it is possible to set the reaction speed to turning the crank, e.g. gently when driving with someone, or more rapidly in the off-road, e.g. in a forest.
  • The assistance is smooth, not only when starting off, but also while driving.
  • Possibility to add pedaling support based on both the cadence sensor („resting” ride) and the pedal torque sensor (cycling sensations: press harder = ride faster, improve fitness, save battery, ride better with someone). You can read more about the torque sensor: HERE.
MPe functions - pedaling assist
MPe functions - pedaling assist
  • It takes 2 seconds to switch between locked and unlocked modes.
  • In other controllers there is no such function at all or additional switches have to be added.
  • Rescue in the event of control. Avoiding a ticket (we know that we have already saved many customers’ wallets).
  • In the limited power mode, the throttle lever does not work (useful during inspections).
  • More security abroad in the event of an inspection.
  • You can adjust the power value according to different countries.
  • In the city, it is safer to move between people for yourself and those around you.
  • Protecting yourself and another person, for example, by letting someone a ride on our bike with limited power. The vehicle will turn on in safe mode without lifting the front wheel when excess throttle is given.
MPe functions - limiting power
MPe functions - limiting power
  • As many as 32% of respondents (over 130 people) found this function very useful.
  • High accuracy: estimated range value based on real Wh consumed from the battery.
  • Safety while driving and mental comfort (without bottoming out battery).
  • In practice, this means that you can speed up when you know you are close to end of tour and have a lot of battery, or slow down when you can see that the battery may not be enough. The display shows the distance lengthen or shorten depending on riding dynamics and terrain change.
  • After one year of using the battery (battery wear), you can reduce this value and have a real e-bike range on an ongoing basis.
MPe functions - e-bike range
MPe functions - e-bike range
  • 5 assist levels of the throttle (you can set the mode, e.g. only on the throttle, without pedal assist).
  • Adjustable softstarter: the power remains the same, but increases more slowly.
  • Keeping in mind the safety of ourselves and other vehicle users, we can limit the power of the electric bike on certain assist levels. This will keep the wheels on the ground. This feature will be useful in more crowded places, such as in the city.
  • The throttle has always advantage over the PAS. It can help you during start off, for example at cross roads.
  • You can disable the throttle by enstering the locked mode (in case of road control).
  • Useful for driving on more difficult terrain.
  • Thanks to the throttle, we can take a break from pedaling.
MPe functions - throttle
MPe functions - throttle
  • Possibility to monitor 2 temperatures, e.g. motor, controller, battery.
  • Safety and mental comfort against damage to electrical components.
  • Avoiding financial loss.
  • Other controllers only read the temperature, e.g. the popular KT sine, but they do not cut off the drive when the temperature threshold is exceeded. In turn, for the Sabvoton or Kelly Controller drivers we have a protection, but we cannot see the reading (we do not have a display).
  • The MPe computer automatically turns on the drive when the component has cooled down.
  • Readability of temperature values on the MaxiColor 850C display (can be hidden).
MPe functions - thermal protection
MPe functions - thermal protection
  • A unique MPe function that other solutions do not have or have limitted: the computer maintains the set speed by increasing and decreasing the set power, i.e. going uphill, the speed does not slow down.
  • Cruise control works even in vector / FOC controllers such as the Sabvoton.
  • The set speed can be slowed down or accelerated.
  • Convenience: thumb and butt are resting.
  • Useful when pushing the vehicle uphill.
  • Security. Cruise control can be disengaged in various ways (by pressing any button on the remote control, pressing the brake, etc.).
  • Smooth operation.
  • It works up to a speed of 40 km/h.
MPe functions - cruise control
MPe functions - cruise control
  • A good solution if we do not want to have a display on the handlebar.
  • If we lack space for the display on the handlebar (you can only add buttons and not have a display on the handlebar, and can control the MPe computer).
  • Good looking graphics, graph and numbers.
  • You can improve the application yourself. Details available HERE.
  • In financial terms, this is the most advantageous MPe version in our store. You can buy additional display at any time.
  • Installing the application is simple and detailed on our website. Details available: HERE.
MPe functions - smartphone app
MPe functions - smartphone app


If you have any questions about MPe, CONTACT US.

MPe functions - YouTube playlist
MPe functions - YouTube playlist

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