Presentation of the MPeV5 computer

A really good idea 🎯

Work on this project lasted a long time (since the end of 2016). Today we are sure that spending that time turned out to be a really good idea 😊. All because:

we have the only such solution on the market
for you MPe computer for e-bike.

MPe computer set with MiniOled display
MPe computer set with MiniOled display



Thanks to this device we can equip your electric bike with such functions that you need:

  • PAS function – thanks to the MPe computer you have the option of activating the crank motion sensor, dosing the motor power, the so-called PAS – Pedal Assist System. The PAS sensor is a very useful and common function, especially on European markets. Thanks to PAS, the system begins to support our pedaling by detecting crank movement. The undoubted advantage of the MPe system is the fact that you can connect the PAS to every controller available on the market, even those more powered constructions.
  • you have the ability to choose the pedaling assist power, individual to your needs.
  • you know your range, on the remaining battery – you’ll never run out of battery. You will always get home safely, with electric assist. The MPe computer will show you exactly how many kilometers you have left to discharge the battery

  • do you like convenience? Very good. We still have something for you – the MPe system allows you to enable the cruise control function. Of course, you can increase or decrease this speed as you go.

  • many people are afraid of electric bikes being checked for acceptable speed and power output. We found a solution for this. Thanks to the function of easy switching between the statutory mode (<250W, 25km / h) and offroad (off-statutory / without restrictions), in 2 seconds you can ensure the comfort of “peace of mind” during control.

I want to see more data

about my vehicle

In addition, there are a number of other useful data and functions, including:

  • read battery voltage
  • read current and power consumed from the battery
  • read the amount of battery ampere-hours used
  • read two temperatures from LM35, NTC10k, KTY83 sensors
  • cut off drive at low battery voltage
  • cut off drive drive after exceeding the temperature 1 or 2
  • read number of battery charge cycles
  • read moving time
  • and many other data, including daily distance, total, speed reading up to 199 km/h or mil/h

Would you like to see all this data on your smartphone?

No problem 😊 – you can buy a MPeBT module. Thanks to this, you will be able to send data to your smartphone and you will be able to graphically read them on your device, with an Android system.

Reading MPe computer parameters on Android
MPe computer with smartphone app



On our Youtube channel, we have prepared a special playlist with episodes about the MPe computer. For more information on this topic, see the next article: MPe insructions – Youtube



At the end of 2019, we have prepared for you a site dedicated to the MPe computer: EBIKECOMPUTER.COM.In addition to the presentation of functions and opinions, there is also a gallery with pictures of the MPe computer on electric vehicles. You can’t miss it so view both: site and the gallery.

If you would like to read more information about the origins of the eBIKECOMPUTER.COM website. then welcome here.



Also, we would like add, that the project is constantly developing, and we plan to add other displays. We are working intensively on the implementation of a large, color display (planned premiere mid-2020). Be patient, because the impossible becomes possible for us 😉.

We encourage you to comment on the article below. If you have questions, WRITE to us.

Stay tuned

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