Sabvoton MINI controller

Where did this decision to change the driver came from?

The Sabvoton MINI controller is a new solution for our electric bike. Until now, it was driven by the GT1500 45A square wave unit. Everything was OK and there was no lack of power, but still that square wave sound …

GT1500 controller in Minion electronics box
GT1500 controller in Minion electronics box

I was thinking about KT sine wave 60V 45A, but I gave it up becouse of its gigantic size (255x85x45). The box has space calculated on the GT1500 and nothing bigger will get in.
The dimensions of the GT1500 controller are 180x87x43 [mm] (without cables and eyelets for screwing).

Later I got the Sabvoton MINI controller (SVMC072045 72V 45A). Unfortunately, it also turned out to be too big (too high). Out of curiosity, however, I dissassembled this Sabvoton MINI and it turned out that half the volume inside is air. That’s why I decided to take a risk and change the housing in it.

Controller dimensions: left: GT1500, middle: original Sabvoton MINI housing, right: Sabvoton MINI without electronics box
Controller dimensions: left: GT1500, middle: original Sabvoton MINI housing, right: Sabvoton MINI without electronics box

Let's go!

New housing for the Sabvoton MINI

This Sabvoton MINI controller has mosfets bolted to a thick aluminum plate, which I decided to use as one of the housing walls. Thanks to this, there was no need for so much 3D printing, and additionally there is better cooling of the controller. The USB port for programming is now built into the wall of the device.

Here you can download the files for printing the 3D housing:

Podczas pracy na obudową sabvotona mini

The new dimensions of the Sabvoton MINI are: 119x89x53 [mm] (without cables). It’s like cutting a KT sine of 45A by half 😉.

  • All gaps and joints of the new housing were sealed with E8000 silicone adhesive.
  • I also threw the “Silica gel” granulate inside the housing so that it absorbs moisture.
  • I threw out the control cables from the controller that I don’t use.
  • In addition, I added the LM35 temperature sensor to it to monitor it on the MPe computer.

It fits "like a glove" 😊

The whole procedure turned out to be a shot in a bull’s eye 🎯. The driver easily fit into the Minionek’s box, and finally it took up less space than the GT1500 initially.

New Sabvoton MINI housing in an electronics box
New Sabvoton MINI housing in an electronics box

First driving test

The first tests show that the controller works perfectly and does not overheat in this application. It is set to 40A of battery current, and the MPe computer counts the maximum actual current consumption of 50A. The phase currents are set: Rated: 150A, Max: 180A, Protected 230A.

When I was driving 100 meters up a steep hill, the power was always at 48-49A. After a few such climbs, the engine heated up to 130 ° C, and the controller only to 50 ° C.

The battery in the Minionek is 16S and on a fully charged battery with the Nine Continent 7×9 engine it accelerates to about 50 km / h (with the Flux 25A).

It looks like this Sabvoton MINI SVMC072045 will stay with Minionek for longer 😎.

Stay tuned:

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