Motor controller models + MPe


What motor controllers work with the MPe computer?

One of the biggest advantages of the MPe computer is the fact that the MPe system works with all controllers available on the market. We include here::

  • sinusoidal controllers
  • vector controllers
  • block controllers

Conditions that must be taken into account

  • throttle input (0.8-4.2V)
  • the maximum measured current by MPe is 200A
  • supported battery voltage 30-92V (temporarily max. 100V)

List of controllers

cooperating with the MPe computer

To be sure that your controller will work with the MPe computer, we have prepared a list with specific driver models.

  • KT Sinus, 36-48V, 15A
  • KT Sinus, 36-48V, 17A
  • KT Sinus, 36-48V, 22A
  • KT Sinus, 36-48V, 30A
  • KT Sinus, 48V, 40A
  • KT Sinus, 48V, 45A
  • KT Sinus, 60V, 45A
  • Sabvoton MINI SVM072045, 72V, 45A
  • Sabvoton SVMC07280M, 72V, 80A
  • Sabvoton SVMC072150, 72V, 150A
  • Sabvoton SVMC072200, 72V, 200A
  • Sabvoton ML45, 48V, 45A
  • Sabvoton ML45, 60V, 45A
  • Sabvoton ML45, 72V, 45A
  • Sabvoton ML60, 48V, 55A
  • Sabvoton ML60, 60V, 55A
  • Sabvoton ML60, 72V, 55A
  • GT250W, 36-48V, 15A
  • GT500W, 36V-48V, 30A
  • GT1500, 48-84V, 45A
  • Kelly KLS4812S, 24V-48V
  • Kelly KLS7212S, 24V-72V
  • Kelly KLS7218S, 24V-72V
  • Kelly KLS7230S, 24V-72V
  • Kelly KLS6018S, 48V-72V
  • ASI BAC 350, 24V-48V
  • ASI BAC 500, 24V-48V
  • ASI BAC 800, 36V-72V
  • ASI BAC 2000, 36V-72
  • Barmal X1, 24-45V
  • Barmal X2, 24-48V
  • Barmal X4, 24-48V
MPe+ motor controller models

The above drivers are just an example of the most common controllers on our market. At 99%, if the controller has a throttle input and it is not on this list, it will also work with the MPe computer.

If this list does not include the controller you are interested in and you have doubts about MPe compatibility, please WRITE TO US or leave a comment below under the article. We will check it and contact you.

List of controllers

which do not work with the MPe computer


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