e-Bikes in the light of the law

Not everything is allowed

Before you start your adventure in the e-bike world, you must know that as a constructor (or rider in principle) you are not allowed to do everything. The law restricts and very strictly legal riding of electric bicycles.

That’s why it’s worth learning the definition of an e-bike that looks something like this:

“A vehicle with a width not exceeding 0.9 m moved by the muscular strength of a person riding this vehicle; the bicycle may be equipped with an auxiliary electric drive driven by pedal pressure, powered by a voltage of not more than 48 V with a rated continuous power of not more than 250 W, whose power output gradually decreases and drops to zero after exceeding 25 km/h.”

Road - offroad mode

What electric bicycle ride is legal?

The above law, in relation to riding an electric bike, clearly says (this applies to Poland):

  • The bike can only support us up to 25km/h. Above this speed, we are dependent only on the strength of our own muscles. To think that without assistance, with wind and downhill, you can accelerate even to 35 – 40km/h). Hmmm there would be a ticket for this 😉?
  • Riding on the throttle grip is prohibited. No matter whether thumb or other. So what remains for us is the motorbike, of course, that you have age-appropriate permits 😜.
  • Watts no more than 250 W.
  • Remember – voltage not higher than 48 V.

You may have problems

If you do not comply with any part of the above provisions, you may have problems.

[At least when traveling on public roads and during possible inspections 🙂 ]

Limit the power of your e-bike

- MPe computer

Take care of your and others’ safety and limit the power of your electric vehicle. All this in 2 seconds.

Stay tuned 😎

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