Construction cost of e-bike with MPe

How much does it cost to build an electric bike?

The cost range of building an electric bike is really wide. Prices can fluctuate here, even from 144 Euro / 160$ to over 7300 Euro / 8000 $.

In this article, you will find out the cost we incurred to build our „Minion” e-bike.

Price of e-bike with MPe computer

We will show here one option for building an electric bike, taking into account the MPe computer set with  display:

  • MPe computer with large MaxiColor 850C display
Construction cost of e-bike with MPe computer and MaxiColor 850C display
Construction cost of e-bike with MPe computer and MaxiColor 850C display

Performance and possibility

Now it’s time to take a look at what our e-bike “can”:

  • Vehicle weight 28.5 kg. This is a pretty low result for an electric bike.
  • The 16S7P battery (1100Wh, LGMJ1 cells) will allow you to travel approx. 70 – 100 km (smooth ride up to max. 30 km / h, relatively flat terrain).
  • Top speed: 54 km/h.
  • Acceleration 0-40 km/h: 5.5s (test performed on the GT 1500, 45A controller)
  • Maximum power (indications from MPe computer): 2400W
  • Quiet operation of the Sabvoton Mini SVMC072045 45A controller. Initially, we had a GT 1500 45A square wave controller for a long time, which is much cheaper than the Sabvoton. However, the GT 1500 has several drawbacks. You can read about why the decision to change the controller was made. Read: HERE
  • The construction of the electronics box cost a lot of nerves, not to mention time. Read: HERE
  • The Kellys Madman 50 L, 21 frame is in our opinion quite large, even at a height of 180 cm. In the field, sometimes a slightly smaller frame (M, 19 ′) would be “more comfortable”.
  • Wheel / tire size: 27.5 ″ / 2.2
  • This bike certainly lacks full suspension. Although the NCX suspension seatpost is much more comfortable to ride than without it. We recommend this solution for every bicycle without rear suspension. It perfectly absorbs bumps on the road (by buying from the source below you support our business without losing any penny – the so-called affiliate link).

Extra possibilities for an electric bike -

MPe computer

Above you can see the cost of converting it into an electric bike of this class. The Minion is additionally equipped with an MPe computer, which gives it many unique possibilities. Today we CANNOT IMAGINE driving without this MPe computer.

Features of the MPe computer give us a number of capabilities
Lots of possibilities for an electric bike - MPe computer

Computer MPe price

in relation to the total cost of building an e-bike

Building an electric bike can bring great satisfaction. Especially when the bike starts to work and assist us. It is also often not a small expense, but do you have to have everything at once? We often buy, e.g. a controller, frame, battery pack, and then replace it with another, stronger, bigger, better one. We want more watts, more power, more adrenaline. And changes are associated with further expenses. And so it goes on:

we put aside money 🐷(new ideas)

collect savings 💲

and finally we make a PURCHASE and we have a PRIZE 🚲

And it is beautiful because there are more opportunities to make our dreams come true. And after all, riding an electric bike is a beautiful passion, but also a hobby that allows you to build a great vehicle.


If you want to show yourself how much it cost you to build an electric bike, write about it in the comment at the bottom of the article. We are curious.

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