MPe user manual



At the moment we provide user manual only in Polish. The English version should be available in July / August. 

Here you will find all necessary downloads for the MPe computer in the MPeV6 firmware version. 

  •  MPeV6 user manaul (only in Polish)
  • Schematics of the MPe connections of the MPeV6 computer to the vehicle (at the end of the user manual) (in English)
  • List of configuration parameters for MPeV6 firmware (only in Polish). At the end of the manual there are 2 attachments, according to which you will configure the MPe settings for your e-bike (parameter numbers along with a description of the function).
    – Annex 1 presents the basic parameters that must be configured for the vehicle to function properly.
    – Annex 2 presents all configuration parameters.
    To help you set the parameters, we have prepared 2 examples of e-bikes with different powers. These vehicles work correctly and “smoothly” (these are configuration examples and sometimes the vehicle will require individual configuration settings).


Stay tuned 😊:

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