ebikecomputer.com – about MPe

We are pleased to present you a new website about the MPe computer.

Maybe later ....

The idea of ​​creating a website dedicated only to our MPe system has been born for a long time. But…

  •  no time
  •  other priorities related to the operation of the MPe system
  • lack of processing capacity

And finally it is. Website entirely dedicated to MPe computer.

The world is open

As most probably noticed, or will notice, the site has two language versions:

Which is why the website address was created for the “international” account and as they say:

“The world is open”

and we want to face him 😀 .


You will also notice that the ebikecomputer.com website redirects to our store:

Our intention was that after watching the MPe computer presentation, anyone interested could get to know the offer even more widely and, as a consequence, buy MPe system for their vehicle.

Bikel.pl company, can be said therefore, is gaining momentum. We do not slow down, on the contrary, we are getting stronger and develop faster. So on new functions will appear in the computer, and new possibilities.
For all of you who already have an MPe computer or are just planning to buy it, this is also great information: you can download the latest firmware version for free and update your MPe computer at any time. All you have to do is have the PROGRAMMER FOR THE DISPLAY and MPeBT MODULE.

Also, don’t hesitate with buying an MPe computer. We always inform about all changes via our FACEBOOK (PL) or INSTAGRAM (EN):


You take advantage?

We invite you to look at the new page about MPe computer. In the photo gallery you will also find many designs of electric vehicles with MPe system.

Strona o komputerze MPe - ebikecomputer.com

Enjoy 😊

Bikel.pl crew

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