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it’s nice that you visited our site 🙂 . We are two young people who share one passion – passion for electric bikes. Who would have thought that Anna’s cycling hobby (avid cyclist), later Mark’s blog about electric bicycles, would turn into something more:

Bikel.pl company = which is a combination of passion, love not only for each other, but above all for what one likes to do in life.



We decided to share our hobby, knowledge and experience in the media. That is why you will find us, i.a. on FACEBOOKU(PL), INSTAGRAMIE, czy YOUTUBE(PL).

FB group e-BIKEL-owcy technically about electric vehicles

Group e-BIKEL-owcy

In the Facebook group we exchange experiences and comments on electric vehicles

If you haven’t liked our social profiles yet, don’t hesitate. This is the „5 minutes” to enter the links above, like us and of course – go back to reading further part of this entry and rest of our site.

Why is it worth following us in the media?

  • you will find many interesting facts about e-bike
  • you will learn about the construction and world of electric bikes and other electric vehicles
  • we will encourage you to build and construct your own electric bike
  • you will find out what possibilities our MPe COMPUTER can give to your vehicle
  • we will try to enthuse you with our passion for electric bikes, electronics, innovations etc.

It is a pity that you will miss something interesting. Stay with us.

We are happy when our content has its recipients. Your presence always gives us motivation to continue. And yes, it is very important to us!


Right then – we have “formalities” behind us and this is probably the “word of introduction”. It is time to say finally who we are and what we do 🙂 ?

Mark on his e-bike - „Minion"
Mark on his e-bike - „Minion"
Ann on ebike - „Cube" with mid-drive TSDZ2
Ann on ebike - „Cube" with mid-drive TSDZ2

This is us on single tracks in Poland.

  • we live our own passion, passion for electric bikes
  • we are interested in issues from the e-world, electronics and technology
  • we create a crew, Bikel.pl, which is also our company. BIKEL.PL allows us to develop, implement plans, meet the expectations of our customers and, above all, give us joy in what we create and do.


  • We will, of course, whenever possible, provide information on our activities, share with you our knowledge and information on e-world issues

Speaking of Bikel.pl, we are also in this “busy” edition:

Mark from the Bikel.pl company / eBIKE COURSE - lesson 8 - about HUB motor
Mark from Bikel.pl
Ann from the Bikelpl company
Ann from Bikel.pl

Our product – MPe computer (wattmeter, cycle meter) has opened up a lot of possibilities for use in all types of e-equipment (mainly electric bicycles of own production). On this page we will write articles about our MPe computer. You will find them in the tab: MPE COMPUTER FOR e-BIKE.

We are proud of this project 🎯, which is gaining momentum and is constantly developing.

Bikel.pl during packing of MPe computers and preparation of shipment to customers
Bikel.pl during packing of MPe computers and preparation of shipment to customers


Sure. Here is even more information about us:

Always together since 2012 as a loving marriage and loyal friends


Technical sense
Technical handyman
Over 10 years of technical and production experience
Starting own company
Broadly understood technique and electronics
Designing and construction


Humanist sense
Knowing the needs of the other person
Sales experience in companies
Joining the Bikel.pl crew
Bicycle, street trial, basketball, football, skates
Marketing / German language

First of all, we are normal people who also have their own difficulties. Our passions and dreams as well as other people are important here. We meet new people on our private and professional paths, who often give us a „kick” to continue, and help us, for which we are very grateful.

You know that mister below on the right? Super guy 🙂.

We encourage you to watch a special episode about Minion (Mark’s e-bike), on the largest channel in Poland, about cycling: „TABA NA ROWERZE” (PL):

Questions and comments

We will be grateful for comments left under the posts 🙂.

We do not agree to copy the content of this site without our consent, in particular, without providing a source.


Bikel.pl crew
Bikel.pl crew

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Witajcie.
    Będę instalował MPe w rowerze i mam pytanko. Może kilka..
    1: czy mogę podłączyć przewód manetki do komputera MPe w ten sposób, że napięcie 3.3V pobieram ze sterownika silnika, a przewod sygnałowy z manetki jednożyłowo podam na MPe ? Teoretycznie powinno działać jeśli MPe automatycznie dostosowuje napięcia wejsciowe 5 lub 3.3 V ale czy coś muszę ustawić w opcjach ?
    2: podłączenie równolegle bimetalicznego wyłącznika silnika (temperatury silnika) z przewodem hamulca. Przełącznik podaje masę przy zawarciu. Przełącznik jest typu NO

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie

    1. Dzięki za pytania. Już odpowiadamy:
      1. Napięcie wejściowe manetki jest konfigurowalne z poziomu ustawień MPe i można je skorygować w razie potrzeby. Znaczy to, że można manetkę zasilić ze sterownika, a do MPe podłączyć tylko sygnał.
      2. Można tak podłączyć.
      Powodzenia w instalacji, pozdrawiamy 🙂

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