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At the moment, our youtube channel is run only in Polish. However, we have good information because we want to expand our operations to the world, hence soon a completely new channel will be created, only in English.

For now, you can read information about our channel, what content we present and at the end we also have a little curiosity for you. Our inspirational channels. We wonder what yours are. Feel free to leave comments.

Technological and electronic "dizzyness"

Do you want to meet, just us, the crew: how we are, how we spend time on an e-bike and how we use life, enjoying having electric bikes and what we do.

That’s great. What you’ll find on our channel:

  • ssues mainly about electric bicycles and other vehicles

  • guides and other useful information about building your own e-bike

  • interesting facts about electronics and technology

  • presentations and operation of the MPe ebike computer

It sounds interesting!

If, even one of these subsections above interests you, we encourage you to subscribe to our youtube channel. It’s fun to have audiences, share our knowledge with you and create these episodes.

It's not the quantity that counts, but the quality

You will ask: how often do we publish?

Too rare 😉. It’s not about quantity, but quality. We are not professionals. For us, an important element is to show valuable episodes from which our recipient can “take something”, and we can, for example, inspire him to do something, learn. These are often technical or electronics issues, but sometimes also such normal, life-like ones. An example here are trips to some corners of the world, where we show surroundings, driving tests, but above all we have fun at the same time.

We like to receive and read comments from you, advise, give your opinions. We can often learn something new from you. We are also grateful for the words of positive criticism. There are people who did not miss any of our episodes, they commented on almost every film. Ha, yes, yes, we see it and we are pleased that you are with us. Go ahead and join our youtube channel: BIKEL PL.

These guys are impossible.

Big knowledge and skills.

Once you enter YouTube, you cannot leave it 😉.

Hand up, who also has that? We raise both. Below we wanted to share with you some of our channels, from which we draw a lot of knowledge, conclusions and motivations. (By clicking on the arrow, a brief description of the channel will appear.)

YouTube channels watched together

TABA ON BIKE is the largest electric bike channel in Poland. We didn’t miss any episode. Super guy 😎

LE ZAP DE Cokaï is a mixture of the funniest parts of accidents, fails, often by human “stupidity”. Bicycle accidents also happen.


CLOUGH42CNC, interesting information and projects from the world of electronics, DIY master

THIS OLD TONYamazing guy, topics in the field of machining and DIY, super humor

STEFAN GOTTESWINTER – the best specialist in home (and not only) machining. A guy who knows how to work with milling machines, lathes, etc.

EEVBlog – is an electronic engineering channel for engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and hackers of electronic technology.


FABIO WIBMERis an Austrian who is not afraid of cycling adrenaline. What he does with the bike is what you want to watch. Very good quality movies.

SAM PILGRIMmountain biking channel, for those who like to look at various tricks on the bike and fool around a bit.

Piotr Bielak – Polish bicycle acrobat. He runs a popular youtube channel in Poland related to cycling trial and street trial.

Jacek Marciniakand here a little different – amazing hockey player and skater. You know that ⛸ (ice skates) is a beautiful sport that allows you to strengthen muscles in winter to be even stronger in the summer season.

Ideas / Comments

If you liked this article, let us know in the comment below. Perhaps you want to share your YouTube channels, which you like to watch yourself?

You can also WRITE to us privately information, if, for example, you have an idea for the content of our next episodes, on youtube.

Stay tuned 😎

FB group e-BIKEL-owcy technically about electric vehicles

FB group „e-BIKEL-owcy"

In the Facebook group we exchange experiences and comments on electric vehicles

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