Firmware update – MaxiColor 850C


MaxiColor 850C DISPLAY

MaxiColor 850C display for MPe computer
MaxiColor 850C display

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to program the MaxiColor 850C display?
  2. You will download the present firmware version for the MaxiColor 850C display.
  3. Watch the instructional video.
  4. You will find the shopping links you need (go HERE).

How to program the

MaxiColor 850C display?

Download the „APT BURN TOOLS” program on your computer:


Download the present MaxiColor 850C display firmware on your computer:

Instructional video

Video with the English language coming soon.

Further steps

Universal programmer will work for all MPe computer components
Universal programmer
  1. Connect the universal programmer to the display.
  2. Connect the USB cable from the universal programmer to the computer.
  3. Open the downloaded APT BURN TOOLS program.
  4. Click in “Find Port”.
  5. Select the appropriate port from the drop-down list (at the top of this column) (it will be a different port number for each computer).
  6. Choose “Open Port”.
  7. Select “OpenFirmWare”.
  8. Now open the “MaxiColor850C_v_1_0.bin” firmware that you downloaded earlier (firmware version “v_1_0” – it may have a higher current version number for download with time).
  9. Click “UpdateFirmWare”. “Waiting” will appear on the screen.
  10. Select the central power button on the remote control of display. At this point, the computer will start uploading the firmware. “Updating” will be visible on apt burn tools program. Wait until the bar is 100%.
  11. 100% means that the firmware has been loaded into the display 👍
  12. Click on “StopUpdate”.
  13. Finally, select “Close Port”.
  14. You can now turn on the display and to be sure check that the firmware has been loaded, and that the “+” and “-” buttons work.
  15. We disconnect the USB cable from the computer, as well as the female plug from the display.
  16. Done 😊

Shopping Links

Purchase of a universal programmer:

Purchase of MPe computer sets:

Programmed MaxiColor 850C display:

The display should be purchased on your own (it is a known model of the display available on the market: APT 850C, used in Bafang, 8fun drives). Using the included universal programmer, you can upload MPe firmware to this display. The APT 850C display with loaded MPe firmware is called „MaxiColor 850C”.

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