Genesis of the MPe computer

Since when MPe is on the market?

Behind the MPe computer, which offers many possibilities for electric vehicles, there is already several years of history. It all started in 2016 when we discovered our passion for electric bikes. The MPe computer is such a combination:

passion and love for bicycles 🚴‍♀️ (Anna’s hobby) with a passion for technology 👨‍💻 and construction👨‍🔧 (Marek’s Hobby).

In this article you will read about:

  • the genesis of the MPe computer,

  • its visual and technological evolution,

  • and at the same time, a lot of heart that we put into our work.

Genesis of the MPe computer

Where did the idea for the electric bike wattmeter project came from?

The sight of a farmer laughing at us from the field after he noticed two cyclists without electric assistance, one of which was pulled by the other with a tape found in a ditch, will remain with us forever 😉. We hope that the farmer did not laugh at us but to us, although the sight must have been funny. Then the decision was made, we are building an electric bike. And since there was no wattmeter for an electric vehicle on the market that would meet our expectations, the idea was born to start working on a project of our own e-bike computer.

Where’s the will there’s the way 😀. Behind the success is often a lot of mistakes made along the way, many lessons and conclusions for the future, not to mention damaged nerves and a lot of money spent. We often return to this article, which can make us laugh and tell the facts, how much we have learned during this time and how interesting is the world of electric bikes. No one said it was always simple and fun

MPeV6 computer

for electric vehicles

It’s time for the effect of this long and bumpy road on the creation of the MPe computer. In order to be able to see how our MPe system has evolved, the easiest way is to compare it to the current state (on sale from the second half of 2020).

Case of the main module the MPeV6 computer
Case of the main module the MPeV6 computer
Main module MPe – heart of the MPe (V6) computer
Main module MPe – heart of the MPe (V6) computer
  • The MPe computer in the V6 firmware and hardware version has gone through a huge leap forward compared to the previous V5 sales version.

  • Production of MPeV6 computers is suitable for serial and machine production.

  • Large, color display MaxiColor 850C

MPe V1 - first version

Time to go back to the complete beginning. Marek’s technical and design abilities allowed him to work on an e-bike computer. And here is its first version, which has appeared on our self-made e-bike (03.2017).

Our first e-bike with MPe V1 computer
Our first e-bike with MPe V1 computer

MPe V2 - second version

Separate display and motherboard

We are after the first success – the MPe computer in version V1 works and starts showing the values that have been programmed by us. Now a solution had to be found so that so many cables did not have to go to the handlebar. Hence, we move on to the next big step in the development of the MPe system – we separate the display from the motherboard.

MPe V3 - version three

We are reducing the size of the motherboard

It’s good, but … In the world of electric bikes, one of the most common problems is the space in the battery box, or rather the lack of it. Hence, for the V3 version we try to reduce the size of the motherboard. Unfortunately, soldering of the wires turned out to be problematic here.

MPe V3 motherboard
MPe V3 motherboard
MPe V3 motherboard
MPe V3 motherboard

MPE V4 - fourth version

But these ... plugs...

In the V4 version, we tried to bypass the soldering of wires to the motherboard. Crimping plugs has proven to be as problematic and time-consuming as wire soldering.

MPe V4 main module
MPe V4 main module

MPe V5 - fifth version

Serial production and first sale

We have it – after 2.5 years from the idea through the test phases, the first sales version of MPe computer was designed and programmed. Screw terminals were added to the V5 version, which allowed for reasonable serial production. In April 2019, we started the first sale of MPe computers.

MPe V5 main board
MPe V5 main board

Currently, the V5 version is no longer available for sale as it has been replaced by the V6 version. Thanks to the owners of the V5 and their feedback, but most of all thanks to our hard work and our own expectations towards the product, the V6 version was created.

MPe V6 - sixth version

Serial and machine production

Main module MPe – heart of the MPe (V6) computer
Main module MPe (V6)

In May 2020, we released a new version of the MPeV6 firmware for owners of V5 computers. However, in June, we added a new, large, color MaxiColor 850C display to our offer.

In our work, we are always guided by our motto:

„Providing the best technological solutions to the client.
For us, customer satisfaction is the most important thing.”

We want to take care of both current and future customers. That is why we provide our technical support through:


See firmware changes details for each MPe release. The history of described changes and improvements started with the first sales version (V5).

The future for the MPe computer project

Certainly, we are not finishing the development of the project on this version of MPe. We are planning new features, but let us not reveal any details at this stage. You will surely read about them in the latest articles as well as on our social media. We invite you to „follow” our development for the future of the world of electromobility. We are always grateful to you for your opinions about the operation of our wattmeter. If you would like to share your opinion, leave a comment under this post.

Stay tuned 😎:

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