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What will you find here?

At the moment, our youtube channel is run only in Polish. 2 videos with MPe computer presentation have subtitles in English. BELOW you will find direct links to these videos.
However, we have good information because we want to expand our operations to the world, hence soon a completely new channel will be created, only in English 😊

We invite you to a special playlist posted on our Youtube channel. We wanted all MPe computer information to be in one place.

Film from the using of our MPeV6 system will appear here successively, for example:

  • MPe computer presentations
  • description of the MPe system operation
  • all instructions for connecting the MPe computer to the vehicle
  • users’ opinions

If you don’t find the information you are looking for in this playlist, you can also support sections from another playlist below. There are videos from the already archived version of MPeV5. However, the latest V6 firmware is significantly different from the archival V5. Therefore, e.g. before connecting the MPe computer to the vehicle, it is necessary to read the MPe USER MANUAL. In a separate article you will download the user manual and the necessary files:

Playlist ARCHIVE

for MPeV5 firmware

INFORMATION: The MPe computer version with MPeV5 hardware and V5 firmware is now archived.

Currently the computer is available in the V6 version.

Below is the „table of contents” episodes: There was also an episode here, with a review of the MPe computer, on the bigest channel about electric bikes in Poland: TABA ON BIKE

Ideas / Social Media

If you would like us to record a new episode, with content we have not yet presented, WRITE TO US. We are always open to your suggestions and we will gladly explore the subject of your needs.

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Grupa e-Bikel-owcy dla fanów pojazdów elektrycznych

Group e-BIKEL-owcy (PL)

The group will be able to exchange experiences and comments on electric vehicles

Best regards and have a nice perception of our films 😎 crew

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