MPe computer for ebike

MPe firmware update

MPe FIRMWARE UPDATE The latest firmware version (v6.008) can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD: VERSION v6.008 Shortcuts: Instructional video Firmware

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MPeV5 construction, diagrams, PCB

MPeV5 CONSTRUCTION, DIAGRAMS, PCB In this article you will learn how MpeV5 is built ( Mózg Pojazdu Elektrycznego = Brain of an Electric

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MPeBT module for MPe to connect with smartphone

MPeBT app for smartphone

MPeBT APP FOR SMARTPHONE Smartphone apps – downloads: At the moment there are two separate applications: one serving as a „display”

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Sales sets of the MPe V5 computer

Presentation of the MPeV5 computer

PRESENTATION OF THE MPeV5 COMPUTER A REALLY GOOD IDEA 🎯 Work on this project lasted a long time (since the end of 2016). Today we are sure that

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Website about MPe computer – about MPe – ABOUT MPe We are pleased to present you a new website about the MPe computer. Maybe later

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