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  • we ship within the European Union, as well as outside, incl. Great Britain, Norway, USA
  • at we have the option of paying in different currencies: polish zloty, euro, dollar, pound

Lots of positive feedback

The most important for us is the satisfaction of our customers, hence we care for every detail. We strive to provide to the buyer with the best technological solutions..

We follow this motto. We know how important a customer is, every customer. And in this, good contact between the seller and the buyer. Trust also counts here. We get a lot of questions that we can often find a solution to. We, as we are users of e-bikes, understand the needs of our recipients. We try to meet them and, as far as possible, help and advise.

Having worked for over 10 years in the manufacturing (Mark) and sales (Ann) industries, we know the needs of the market and consumers.

We are very happy when we get opinions about our work and offer. We can shyly admit that they are very positive. We, however, can repay you with our commitment and solid product.

Full professionalism. Support at the highest level. Thanks to the tip and technical support, even beginners will have no doubt how to connect, configure and operate MPe.
A new solid store for electric bike lovers.
I highly recommend a full professionalism. You have to praise reliability 👍

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Stay tuned 😎

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